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Our Culture

Our commitment to our clients' needs will always come first, and our employees see this dedication as our truth.

Vanguard Pharma offers a unique corporate culture embracing transparency of information, communication, motivation, continual improvement and celebration of success. Regular corporate communications designed to empower the salesforce with knowledge and efforts to advocate the appreciation for the fun things in life punctuate Vanguard's approach to finding the right work-life balance, resulting in effective, dedicated and happy employees. Salesforce testimonials showcase Vanguard's culture, which fosters engaged individuals who are in it for "all the right reasons."

At Vanguard Pharma, our corporate values are simple and underscore our respect for the CRAFT in which we are specialists in — driving sales success for our clients' businesses. Here is a synopsis of our core business values:

1.  Customer-Focused

  • We are nothing without our customers.
  • We understand that our customers need us to deliver business results.
  • We earn our customers' trust.
  • We work with great energy and passion and have a fierce competitive spirit.

2.  Respect

  • We always treat people with the utmost respect and dignity.
  • We are honest and open with respect to all communications. 
  • We keep the highest standards of integrity possible in all dealings with all people.

3.  Accountability

  • We are fully committed to our work mandates and take responsibility to "make it happen."
  • We effectively balance the duties of the individual with the contributions required of the team.
  • We empower our employees to make decisions and take action.
  • We make the tough decisions when necessary.

4.  Fulfilment

  • We celebrate our successes!
  • We reward and recognize!
  • We keep a reasonable work/life balance!
  • We enjoy our work and have fun!

5.  Try It! Take It! Triumph!

  • We find a better way.
  • We take the initiative to make it happen.
  • We are creative.
  • We take calculated risks!
  • We will do something great today!  
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