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Case Studies

Case_StudiesExamples of successfully completed and/or ongoing client programs.

Case Study #1: Revive Stalled Sales of a Mature Product

  • The Situation: Client abandoned sales support of mature product, Vanguard called in to handle the task
  • The Scope: National
  • The Duration: 2007-2012 (long-term, trusted relationship with client established)
  • The Outcome: Vanguard delivers 119% sales growth, 99% TRx growth over five-year period

Case Study #2: Execute a Strategic Expansion of Salesforce

  • The Situation: Client to double salesforce, but wanted to lessen "new-hire risk" before permanently hiring expansion reps
  • The Scope: National
  • The Duration: 24-month initiative
  • The Outcome: Vanguard staffed national sales force in five weeks, held retention to 96% over 18 months, then 92% of original team offered permanent employment

Case Study #3: Drive a Successful Launch

  • The Situation: Client salesforce occupied with two other important launches, needed to outsource launch of new antihypertensives
  • The Scope: National
  • The Duration: 2-year program
  • The Outcome: Vanguard staffed national sales force in six weeks, early read on launch NRx data is excellent; proceeding to plan
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