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Welcome to the smartest way to build or expand your sales force

It's a new era in pharmaceutical sales

The arms race is over. Gone are the days when pharma firms ramped up yet another sales division of a few hundred representatives on a whim to keep up with competitive activity. Today, decisions surrounding salesforce size and structure can be very strategic, and using a contract sales force like Vanguard Pharma increasingly is a part of that strategy.

Your salesforce – How you want it, when you want it and for how long you want it

Vanguard Pharma offers you the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to your salesforce needs. Whether you are building a new salesforce or supplementing an existing one, we are like a light switch that you can turn on (and off) as needed. We will ramp up to your specifications to perfectly suit your needs, and then let us go to work for you. You can modify the plan at any time or even terminate the project with little notice — but our good work drives results for our clients, which generates project renewals and, in many cases, long-term relationships with our satisfied clients.

A variety of salesforce solutions that is often synergistic

Vanguard Pharma offers you the full spectrum of salesforce solutions — including live sales representatives, who contact the medical community in person; tele-sales representatives, who contact the medical community by phone; and live video sales representatives, who conduct their sales calls with the medical community in real time via an online format. These outreach tactics are often wonderfully synergistic. Furthermore, they collectively provide a valuable service and convenience to your customers, allowing THEM to determine how and when they prefer to be contacted by us on behalf of your brand.

A coordinated and integrated approach to pharmaceutical sales promotion

With Vanguard Pharma, it is possible to develop and execute a completely outsourced multi-channel sales and marketing campaign. A typical scenario is:

  • Use our live sales representatives to reach your key customers in major markets.
  • Use our tele-sales capability to reach your customers in the more isolated "white space" areas not easily covered by live sales representatives.
  • Use live video representatives to reach customers who prefer that means of contact for its convenience, immediacy and "on-demand" nature.

Various methods can be utilized to cross-promote each of these sales channels to effectively offer you a very coordinated and integrated approach and the ultimate in service to the medical community.

Vanguard is not just about "sales" – we're about "sales SUPPORT," too!

Vanguard Pharma offers our clients all the "back-end" support to effectively and successfully operationalize any program for you.

  • You don't need to worry about a thing!
  • We have a dedicated staff of industry-experienced professionals to provide you with "best-of-breed" excellence.
  • When it comes to HR support, we got it!
  • IT? Check!
  • Compliance? You know it!
  • Sales Operations? Better believe It!
  • Account Management? Of course! … and truly 24/7 with one point of contact for you!

At Vanguard Pharma, providing exceptional salesforce support is our passion. We know that when we take care of our representatives, they can focus on selling — and that will drive RESULTS for you!

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