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Nurse/Clinical Educator Teams

ServicesA fast-growing part of our business is the deployment of nurse/clinical educator teams on behalf of our clients.

These teams help biopharmaceutical firms enhance physician education and patient understanding of the importance of the medication that they have been prescribed. Specifically, these education teams:

  • Train and support health care professionals about products, programs and clinical information.
  • Assist patients and health care professionals with instruction about the proper way to use a certain device, inhaler or any drug-delivery mechanism.
  • Promote non-pharmacological treatment options such as diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.
  • Help save time for the health care professional and office staff when it comes to patient education and instruction.
  • Synergize with the salesforce efforts.

Vanguard's Nurse/Clinical Educator service offering includes the following:

  • Full national or regional educator teams.
  • Our contract teams can co-support your internal educator teams.
  • Vacancy management to support your internal teams.
  • The option to "absorb" our educator teams in time always exists.
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