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Syndicated (Shared) Sales Teams

SyndicatedFor the ultimate in flexibility and cost-effectiveness, consider the syndicated or shared-call sales team solution from Vanguard Pharma.

If you only have the need for a one-product promotion, or perhaps that need might be for a limited time (seasonal), or perhaps in limited geographical areas, this solution may be exactly what you need.

With this solution, you can tap into an existing salesforce and leverage the economies of scale that are generated by sharing the infrastructural costs that are part and parcel of any salesforce and its supporting operations.

The key advantages of such an approach are:

  • Only pay per completed calls to your targets.
  • Turn "on" and "off" the program as needed.
  • Seasonal programs, short-term blitzes and regional programs are all possible.
  • Tap into an established salesforce with established relationships with physicians in the local areas that you are targeting.
  • Pricing is conveniently structured on an all-inclusive "per call" basis.
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