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Live Video Detailing

LVDLive video detailing is now available!

This tactic involves a live person-to-person detail conducted via the Internet. The key advantage for the health-care professional is that this service is available on-demand when the HCP wants to interact. These interactions often surpass 10 minutes in duration, which is considerably longer than a typical sales call.

It really is quite simple. Physicians usually initiate a virtual detail following a visit to a brand web site, where there is a standing invitation to learn more about a given product.

The physician clicks on a link, and a message is sent to our live video detailers, who are standing by. The physician then sees a video transmission of the Vanguard virtual representative (audio by phone). Pre-approved content and messaging are discussed during the video detail, and the physicians' questions are answered. Feedback is obtained, and if any additional follow-up is required, the virtual rep will pass along the request to the appropriate party, whether it be Medical Affairs or the local representative.

Live video detailing can effectively serve to:

  • Uniquely accommodate physician interest in learning about your drug.
  • Make this interaction very convenient for the physician.
  • Effectively supplement your traditional and tele-sales initiatives.
  • Based on results so far, allow for a comprehensive (10-12 minutes on average) yet informal discussion of physician questions and comments about your product.
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