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On Business Results:

"There's no question that utilizing the Vanguard salesforce was the single most important driver of the business in our allergy product's launch year. The marketshare we captured exceeded expectations in a very competitive marketplace, and the comparisons between the Vanguard-covered areas and 'control areas' (no Vanguard coverage) were incredibly dramatic!"

D.D. Marketing Manager


On Client Service:

"I first was exposed to Vanguard when as a product manager I received some very important, late-breaking, newsworthy clinical developments from Vanguard that affected my product's business (I hadn't heard the news yet) — and we weren't even working with Vanguard at the time!!

"Since then, I have been working with Vanguard, and it's a good feeling knowing that, like every solid business partner should, they are always on the look-out for opportunities for my product, whether it be capitalizing on clinical developments, competitive weaknesses or just general business intelligence. I've really come to appreciate that the folks at Vanguard go out of their way to ensure the most successful program possible."

N.M. Senior Product Manager


On Representative Quality:

"I was frankly very impressed with the caliber of sales representative Vanguard Pharma recruits given the resources they have to work with. In fact, we ended up hiring a number of Vanguard reps and now call them our own."

J.T. Marketing Manager


On Our Turn-Key Operation:

"It's remarkable how you can be up the proverbial creek without a paddle one day (no salesforce), and then call Vanguard the next day, and POOF!…INSTANT SALES FORCE!! I had a national salesforce up and running in less than 8 weeks. Truly remarkable!

"Working with Vanguard is a breeze! They take care of all the details of recruiting, motivating, managing and administering their salesforce, right down to the smallest details. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kevin and Jenn and their salesforce and management team."

W.C. Senior Product Manager


On Our Client-Friendliness:

"More vendors should be like Vanguard. They are very client-friendly, their contracts are very reasonable, they don't have any cancellation fees or other silly charges. They stick to the budget, never passing on any overages, and yet still work extremely hard on our behalf — and most importantly, deliver positive results."

K.F. Marketing Manager

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