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Vanguard's Committment to Innovation: 80%+ of Field Force Now Using iPads As A Selling Tool

February 2, 2012 05:18 PM

Vanguard Pharma is pleased to report that its long-running commitment to operational efficiencies and innovation continues as the company progresses into 2012. Jennifer Meldrum, Senior Vice President of Sales Operations, said of the latest developments, "We have recently expanded our internal infrastructure in sales operations; we have partnered with a world-class CRM solution; and as of this month, over 80 percent of our sales staff is now using the Apple iPad 2 in their sales presentations. Our clients understand and appreciate our commitment to operational efficiency — so much so that they often use us to pilot one or several aspects of their operations before internal adoption." Vanguard Pharma has always maintained a commitment to operate on the cutting-edge of technology, and this recent move reflects that continuing philosophy.

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